Saturday, 20 July 2013

18/7/13 Turbot and Brill

On our last tope run together , Steve and me had discussed the possibility of catching turbot, and brill 46 from our local sandbanks.These highly prized fish are relatively rare, and require a methodical approach but, after the recent hectic tope fishing I've been experiencing, I was ready for something a little different.
Although Steve hasn't caught that many local turbot, he does have some recent experience gathered at other venues including the famous Shambles Bank at Weymouth (On the Warrior travel list), and this valuable knowledge would be put to use on mark 46.
The plan was to thoroughly scan the bank with our drifts, noting speeds etc , patiently wait and see what would happen, and try not to get distracted by moving locations.
Baits were either thin strips of fresh mackerel, or sandeel, live or strip which we'd managed to 'sabiki' up on the bank and keep live in the bait tank. This was actually a first for me and despite their diminutive size, I actually found their catching quite absorbing in itself.
Two Turbot and two Brill came to Steve's baits-fish of about 3-41/2lb and a great success.I ,on the other hand , managed a plaice on mackerel strip and ended with a plump little bass on the live sandeel so will have to return on the next set of neaps to try again for the target species.
The bank at #46 actually turned out to be a series of banks and showed up as 'waves' on the plotter which was very interesting indeed.

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