Tuesday, 16 July 2013

14/7/13 Diary Of An Average Angler's Wife.

Took the Missus out fishing with me today-her first trip out in the Warrior and, her first proper attempt at boat fishing. We did try a bream trip in Scooby 2 but, she began to feel a little sea sick at anchor so this time, I was all too aware of the importance of 'getting it right'.
Taking a beginner boat fishing can be a nerve wracking task, especially if that person is worried about feeling ill. I HAD to find fish in order to keep her busy enough  to avoid feeling sick,and to make it an enjoyable occasion so she'd want to go again. A tall order.
Bream would have been most people's first choice but , they haven't been that obliging this year.
The charter boats are concentrating on the plaice fishing at the moment because of this, to entertain their crews. I was after something a little more exciting.
Pack tope on the 'half way' was the choice. They scrap hard,especially on a lighter rod, look nice,are not tiddlers, and are generally good fun to catch. Plus, on this mark, there is always a chance of a BIG tope as I found out two years ago or, some nice ray which have also put in an appearance on previous sorties.
The mackerel were obliging which kicked us off on the right foot and Jan enjoyed the 'action' straight away. I did try and swiftly get them in the cooler after despatching, and away from sensitive eyes although this didn't seem to be too much of an issue.
Once at anchor, the fishing was so lively she didn't have time to think about sea sickness. A constant procession of 'packers' up to double figures along with the inevitable catsharks (my new name for doggies which I much prefer)and finally this 14lb undulate to really test her skills.
She did exceeding well and i'm proud of her, quickly mastering casting,hitting the bites on the circle hooks and enjoying every minute.
We had about three hours fishing , which was just about right, and left the mark with them still biting....I even let her drive the boat home.

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