Saturday, 1 June 2013

30/5/13 One Bass!

.........but a good'n at 6lb 8oz.
For various reasons I struggle to consistently catch bass from our reef systems and still feel that I've a long way to go with the specie.
I have three very good mates who are extremely successful with bass but in very different ways. I've pretty much gathered as much information from them as is fair and reasonable, and now feel that it is up to me to put that knowledge to good use but, it'll take time. The fun is in the learning.
This morning was spent helping 'bass junkie' Pete with his new Orkney Longliner 2 .I picked it up for him at the Orkney factory In Arundel, and dragged it behind the camper to his boat pound In Bognor where, with some help from a couple of fellow boat 'nuts', we managed to successfully transfer it on to Pete's launching trolley.
A pretty little boat this and the first one of it's kind out of the mould-serial number 1-it reminds me a lot of my 520 and Orkney seem incapable of producing a boat that isn't pleasing on the eye. The company have gone for an update with this 'new' Longliner and it is now a semi-planing hull rather that the old displacement plodder and, I must say, it's a lithe looking craft with a low hull weight to boot.Pete's got a 25 horse motor to go on the stern so it should really fly and I can't wait to have a run out in her. I hope the new design proves to be a sales success and manages to keep this recently troubled local boat building company afloat in the future.
With an afternoon to spare and reasonable weather conditions I decided to run the boat out again mostly to try to gather some mackerel bait for a planned tope run.
I couldn't find the mackerel and even though my mate Neil had tipped me off that he was 'hammering' the bass as usual, AND put me right on the mark, I couldn't bloody well find them either!!!!!!Bugger.
Frustated, I moved quietly over to one of my favourite reef drifts on #6 and finally managed to bang out the above bass on a jigged 60g Fiiish Minnow.Fantastic scrap on the light baitcaster.
Actually I should have had two more on board but successfully bumped them off......and 'that', as they say, 'is the way the cookie crumbles'.

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