Thursday, 19 January 2012

18/1/12 S-L-O-W Piking.

Dave and me tried yet again to extract a pike from the 'new' area today with dead baits but the only taker was a jack to Dave on a stiff trout! Minutes later a second run failed to materialise-it was probably the same pike back for another spot of 'munger'
As usual the river, despite being in peak condition, is proving reluctant to give up it's pike, but we're used to this level of inactivity, and it only takes one good fish , which is always a possibility, to turn the tables.
I'm still not entirely sure whether the use of coarse baits would improve matters. With the current mild weather conditions our usual 'sea  deads' tend to do the trick but with the lack of recent action, my confidence is beginning to wane and it is perhaps time to make the effort and catch a few roach and rudd.
We know there are some big girls in there...............somewhere. We've been consistent in the past with every recent season producing something 'spectacular' to reward our efforts. I'm sure that by March 15th, something will have turned up.

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