Friday, 19 August 2011

19/8/11 Small Stuff #5,#6,#33

Once again today was a general struggle to find any fish and this seems to be the trend locally. Clive, at the  marina, even pulled his boat out for maintenance this month.
It was one of those days when things didn't really go well from the start. Incredibly, I didn't find one solitary mackerel though thankfully I did have some frozen. Then, having moored up at #6 the pot boat had to haul his line of pots right in front of me .Of course, I had no idea they were there when I anchored up.
He's actually quite a friendly and polite bloke and asked me nicely if I'd pull up my lines whilst he did his work. I obliged but felt that the disturbance might have 'killed' the swim so to speak.
I moved to #5 and settled down comfortably and who showed up after a while...none other than '110'. I'd anchored again, right over a line of pots he was hauling and he proceeded to 'haul' up my anchor. He didn't seem to mind, just a friendly wave and dropped the anchor back in place. He seems to be exceedingly content with his lot this chap, cheerfully working away with Radio 2 blaring out over the loudspeaker on his boat. His boat handling skills are amazing. Not only does he operate at sea alone, but he moors at the marina and watching him single handedly 'park' what is not a small craft, is very impressive.
I'd only caught small pout, wrasse and bream at the ditch so decided to move to #33 and jig some feathers with a pirk in tow in the hope of at least some mackerel. I didn't get any of the target specie but instead had fun with small pollack to 2lb taking the feathers in sometimes less than 20ft of water.
Not my best boat trip of the year.

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