Tuesday, 16 August 2011

16/8/11 Back To Basics....Mullet

It's been a while since I've caught a mullet having generally neglected them this summer , but also failing to land fish on the last couple of attempts, despite making contact.
I do still enjoy the simplicity of mullet fishing on the river. Rod , net , small tackle bag and a bucket of bread mash is all I take with me and rarely stay in one swim longer than twenty minutes if no bites are forthcoming.
Conditions looked promising (cloud cover and fair water colour) and the tide was just bottoming out as I walked up the west bank easily spotting a few likely candidates in the shallows. I didn't have long as , when the tide starts flooding properly, I tend to lose confidence.
Within minutes of starting I'd bumped off yet another fish and was beginning to think I'd really lost my touch, and was facing another blank. With the tide now starting to flood I moved upstream a few yards to a fresh swim and soon had some tentative bite activity.
It didn't take long for a positive take which resulted in me beaching a nice fish of about 2 1/2 lb which, having been unhooked, decided to cleverly slip out of the landing net before I could get the camera ready. It didn't matter as I achieved my target, but decided to fish on In the hope of getting another. Some bites did soon materialise but resulted in a small bass-my first from the river on bread this season.
Two hours after starting and with the tide was now pushing in strongly , It was time to go. Job done.

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