Wednesday, 20 July 2011

19/7/11 Slow Fishing-Half Way

I suppose it had to happen sometime. Fishing in the new boat has, so far, been quite successful with plenty of action on each trip out, but today was a  little different.
 I took Andy out with the intention of getting him a tope from the Half Way Mark.On arrival we drifted for a mile and stocked up with some nice mackerel before returning to the mark to anchor up.
Disappointingly,the fishing was very slow .Only one small tope each was caught and ,apart from a few tentative bites, that was that.The weather again, was not quite as forecast,and initial calm conditions gave way to a building wind and some light rain.
I think I've given this mark a fair crack and it might be time to move on to other things.

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  1. Thanks for the day out even if it was tough going. You'll be pleased to know I've started to make the effort with my blog again and you might find it worth a look.