Tuesday, 5 October 2010

5-10-10 The Murky Arun

The recent rain is finally having a detrimental effect on the lower reaches of the river.Behind the house the brown slick can clearly be seen as the river empties it's muddy mess into the sea.

Having driven over 500 miles yesterday to look at the Orkney In Cheshire, and after Sunday's hectic Hamble heroics, I was feeling slightly jaded today.But it's my last leave day so I had to have a couple of hours fishing.Actually the prospect of going back to work for a rest is quite appealing.

Andy(P.P) and I headed up to Tortington initially, but the river looked awful , obviously carrying a huge quantity of rain water along with the usual associated debris.We relocated to Littlehampton Marina and fished the stretch behind the caravans.It still looked too murky, but was more 'fishable' and a couple of swirls close in amongst the weed gave away their presence.Andy, who I'd kitted out with a 'strikeright' , soon took this lovely looking three pounder- his first mullet on a centrepin reel and I'm happy to say,he's now a 'pin' enthusiast.

As the strength of the ebb increased, we moved upstream beyond the road bridge for a few casts but nothing materialised and we called it quits.Despite the effects of the rain, I still feel that the mullet will stay in the river for a while yet.

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