Sunday, 17 October 2010

17/10/10 Snoek is Gone.

Bit of a sad moment really,but my trusty Orkney Spinner 'Snoek' sold this morning,and went to pastures new (South Wales)with new owner Russ. It's funny how you can get attached to boats, especially if you've got a bit of history with them, more so than cars etc, and I've had some great fishing with this little boat.But therein lies the problem,she is just too small for the open sea fishing that i now want to have a crack at, however, for anyone considering mullet fishing in harbours and rivers in complete comfort,you'd be hard pushed to find a better craft.She was just perfect.

I bought the boat In April 2008, bringing her home(Orkneys are made in Arundel)  all the way down from Glasgow on a ridiculously dangerous trailer which all but fell apart as I parked it up in my back garden.That spring I welded up a new trailer from scratch,and totally overhauled the hull seperating the cuddy, removing the motor and steering and giving the whole topside a coat of fresh paint.A bit of custom fitting and she was ready to go giving me  three seasons of fun In the Sussex tidals, Hamble , Christchurch,piking on the Broads, and a little bit of inshore sea angling from Littlehampton.Unfortunately, and rather amusingly for my mates, the boat never lived up to its name(Snoek is Dutch for pike)and although catching some really nice mullet from her, I never did grace her decks with a decent pike.

I reckon I've used her on about 50 plus outings, so she's had a fair bit of use and was starting to get a little bit tatty around the edges.This didn't seem to put the new owner off at all and he seemed very pleased with the deal,which is always comforting, and I'm sure she'll be put to good use.

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