Friday, 1 October 2010

29-9-10,30-9-10 Two days at Christchurch.

Christchurch has never been particularly kind to me.I've fished it three or four times each season for the past seven years and ,although it's given me my p.b mullet and a few more decent fish to boot, I've always found it extremely hard going .

I think one of the reasons I struggle so much with the venue, Is the fact that so much of the bank fishing there Is a waiting game on the leger, which I don't consider myself that good at.It's an issue of patience.In the past I've taken a boat down which enables me to predominantly float fish, but the rules have changed this year , and a season ticket is required for anglers afloat.

I couldn't have picked a worse day to go fishing on Wednesday.Apart from a brief spell of dry weather early in the morning,it pelted down all day.Having picked up my two day tickets from Davis Tackle at 7-30am, I arrived at Grimbury point to find I had the place to myself.Hardly suprising with the weather forecast.

Tide was low, so I waded out to the main river channel and float fished. It didn't take that long to hook into what felt like an average mullet , but unfortunately the hook let go as I tried to make my way back to dry land.

As the tide was now rising I was forced on to the shingle spit and a change to feeder tactics.Once again, It didn't take long to get a hook up and, once again, after a while, It slipped the hook.Bugger!

And then the rain came.

I sat huddled under the brolly for the rest of the day finally connecting with, and this time successfully landing , a nice dark backed,but rather lacklustre fighting 4-05 at last knockings.At least I'd saved a blank.Cracking sunset that evening.

Having scoffed bacon and eggs for tea in the camper (luxury) at Mudeford quay, I decided to park up for the night at a secluded turn off In the forest, on the A35, as the Stanpit car park had a 'no overnight parking' sign.With the van well hidden from the main road, I decided not to bother with the screen blind .At around 5-a.m,still pitch black, a bright light, shining through the screen ,woke me up.I thought the silent, slowly moving beam, may be a police officer,or an Irate farmer whose field entrance I may be blocking.I quickly decided that the best policy was to make myself known and go 'on the attack', so  sliding open the side window, I poked my head out , and bid my visitor ' good morning'.To which a mountain cyclist with an unfeasably powerful halogen headlight replied quite matter of fact, ' At least it's not raining any more'.as he whizzed past the van.Odd!

Day two, Thursday, started early-I was awake anyway. I arrived at Grimbury point at first light, and this time with much better weather conditions to dry out yesterday's rain soaked kit.Once again I was able to venture out with the chesties and float rod, and this time fared a little better. I actually managed to land one using this most enjoyable method, albeit a tiddler of 2lbs.Apart from a dace that was all the action I had that day despite trying 'big mullet bay' and bridge creek in the afternoon, where not only did I see some good fish moving about(huge tails), but also spied another angler In the distance ,by the reeds in the corner of BMB land something obviously quite good.I texted all the usual suspects but nobody would admit to being the culprit.

Once again Christchurch tries my patience.An enjoyable two day trip, despite the lack of fish and I'm certain I'll be back for another crack one day.

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