Thursday, 3 September 2015

27/8/15 Dave's Roach

Another session in the river boat with Dave targeting the roach.
Small they might be , but the fishing is no less enjoyable nor challenging. Quiver tipping with red maggots and crumb ground bait had the desired effect and we made a modest catch of roach and dace with Dave getting the best fish- this scale perfect and plump roach of exactly one pound.


I then returned to the 'wild camp' on the  Dorset Stour for the bank holiday where it rained persistently the whole week-end.
 Because of the very limited bank access,I could only really fish in just one, shallow  swim. Plenty of small fish, among them some nice roach, 'played ball' highlighted by a chub ,of a couple of pounds, taken in darkness,  on bread flake.
Its a very pleasant place to spend time and must surely be the only 'camp site' in the south of England that is completely empty at this time of year. I hope to revisit some time in the autumn /winter when the vegetation has died down and swim access might be improved-target will be pike.

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