Thursday, 7 March 2013

3/3/13 Last Minute Double

I joined Dave today for an all too rare piking session , for this season,on our favourite stretch and spent the majority of the day staring at motionless floats whilst we worked our deadbaits along the river.Conditions were again, perfect but the pike just did not seem to want to feed,or we just didn't come across any pike.
Dave, having had a much earlier start than me (he can get up in the morning)decided , due to lack of action, to call it a day about 4 p.m. Whether it was because I just couldn't summon the energy to pack up my kit, or through just pure stubborness, I elected to stay on until dark and this move did eventually pay off with this nice double of 12-04 on sardine at the top of the tide, and just as I was thinking of finishing.

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