Sunday, 3 March 2013

1/3/13 Tiddler pike

'When the wind's in the east,the fish bite least'.

Absolutely true because, despite having two very healthy, and lively roach baits out all day long,and the river in the best shape i've seen it all winter, only one small jack pike of about 4lb decided to show an interest to save a blank session.
The trip was to a rarely visited section of the river tidal reaches, but one that certainly requires much more attention next winter.
I have had a few good pike from here, and Dave's had more, but we've neglected this part of the river in recent seasons, in favour of more reliable options.It will take a whole season to explore the whole length thoroughly but, until we do, we're not going to know what surprises it may hold.
With the most difficult pike season i've had for many years  drawing to a close,plans are already being made for next year's campaign.

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