Wednesday, 5 December 2012

1/12/12 The Launch

With the help of friends Steve, Andy, Simon,Anne, and my ever patient wife, 'Jupiter' was towed to the public slipway in Littlehampton today at high tide for the inaugeral launch, and first sea trial. Although I'll admit to being slightly nervous about the whole operation, I needn't have been.
 After testing whether the VW camper had the ability to drag the boat back UP the steep slipway, which it succeeded in doing, with no issues, the boat was gingerly slid into the river and, low and behold , she floated!
In fact the whole operation went swimmingly well and after parking her up at the mooring, i treated my helpers to a swift cuppa, before venturing out of the harbour for a quick ride on quite a bumpy sea with Jan on board. Tomorrow, we go fishing.

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