Tuesday, 24 November 2015

23/11/15 Cod(ling) On The Menu.

It been weeks since I've been out to sea due to the run of strong South Westerly winds that have kept the local boats well and truly 'welded' to their moorings..................Well, actually that's not entirely true as, whilst playing  'silly buggers' in the suds, I've seen some Intrepid (Insane) characters of the commercial fleet venturing out in some truly appalling conditions. I suppose they need to earn a crust.Today saw a brief window of opportunity and marina neighbour Tony joined me for a spot of bait fishing.
I desperately need to stock up the freezer with cod fillets so these 'gut buckets' were the intended target but they proved to be hard to find. Several spots were tried to no avail-just a run of pouting, the odd whiting, and of course dogfish hit our baits (baby cuttle or whole squid stuffed with lugworm) until at slack tide we found ourselves at 'Martin's mark' and this brace of five pounders 'hung up' on my cuttle to save the day.
Not exactly 'electric' fishing, it has to be said but at least the food 'issue' is solved for a couple of weeks.

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