Sunday, 24 February 2013

8/2/13 Not A Sniff.

I went back to the river today for another crack at the pike but did not get a sniff at all despite the river conditions gradually improving.
Jupiter has been out of the river for her first oil change service having completed 20hrs of running. Jack helped me get her out at the slipway and the van retrieved her not inconsiderable bulk with no issues.Good news, beacuse trips to Devon are in the planning stages as I write this.
Unusually for me, and in order to maintain the warranty on her main engine, I'm actually having to open my wallet and pay an approved mechanic to service her!!Perish the thought.
 Adrian , in his defence, tried to get me involved as much as possible which i'm grateful for, and he also furnished me with some valuable tips on how to look after both my motors.I've not yet received the bill!
At the same time I gave her hull another full coat of polish to keep her protected and gleaming and she's now back on the mooring awaiting a window of opportunity in the weather.

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