Sunday, 24 February 2013

7/2/13 Piking With Neil and Mick

My good friends Neil and Mick wanted to go pike fishing neither having caught a pike before. Neil is skipper of 'Spirit Of Arun'-probably the most successful charter boat in the Littlehampton fleet, and his partner, Mick-an extremely successful angler in her own right, usually crews on the boat.
It's always a tall order to provide a 'guiding' service especially for two such experienced anglers but, there is also the fact that these two fully understand angling, and it's foibles.
Unfortunately although both managed to tangle with a pike each on the day, Mick's almost certainly a double, neither fish was landed. To be honest, the river wasn't in the best of shape still being a little bit coloured from recent rainfall, so I was actually quite pleased that two fish decided to take our baits.
Conversation was lively and entertaining and a tremendous insight for me into the workings of a charter boat-they certainly earn their money.
Mick and Neil are off to  Mexico on a fishing holiday(naturally) at the end of the month so, whether another opportunity to visit the river with them again will arise before the end of the season is uncertain. I hope we manage it.


  1. Was a great day out and as sea anglers being taken out onto the river it was your expertise that was shining and we learnt a lot from you. We both really enjoyed the day and if not for the holiday would most certainly have been out again before our work kicked off. We both look forward to the very next opportunity to get out again (sooner the better) to strike the pike!!
    If I can't bag the 20+ Cod then a puker pike will fill the spot!

    Thank you Jeff for a wonderful day - great company and even a taste of river water tea (puke puke splutter splutter) ;o)

    1. Cheers Mick , much appreciated,especially as you're the first to comment on the 'new' blog.