Saturday, 8 September 2012

8/9/12 Plaice on 'Samax'

Following on from the successful Plaice trip a couple of days ago, Alex twisted my arm (it didn't take a lot) to join him on 'Samax', his Orkney 'Day Angler 19, for another trip down to the Eastborough bank as he wanted to satisfy his appetite for 'spotties'.

This time the mark was like the Southampton boat show as, by now, everyone had heard about what was going down. Most of the boats were from the west although there were a few L.A locals and the 'usual suspects' were there to be seen. Even Andy, who had intended to do a bass lure trip , was about crewing in Mark Gillen's 'Regis' out of Bognor.

It was actually a very sociable and friendly affair with everyone out to enjoy the weather, which was stunning, and the fishing, which was also pretty good.It also gave me a chance to see, In the flesh, a couple of boats which I'm interested in as an upgrade to Scooby 2. Both a Warrior 175 and a beautiful , and  very expensive looking Orkney 592 were spied showing off their lines,more than adequate beam, and impressive performance.

I was testing out some small circle hooks trying to reduce the number of deep hooked fish but soon changed back to standard  'J' hooks as Alex was conclusively out fishing me.Less hectic fishing than the last trip but good numbers of 'smaller' plaice came aboard with the exception  a really nice 3 1/2 lb fish that fell to the skipper.

Another thoroughly enjoyable trip out with Alex and yet again, more good stuff to eat.

Unfortunately, for my bank account,Alex was using an Abu Suveran rod and after having a bit of a swish with it on the boat, I proceeded to march in to 'Tropicana' the following day with some 'plastic' and buy a couple of the latest 'evo' models for myself -the 12lb and 20lb class versions.

There was nothing particularly wrong with my Sonik rods(sold within an hour on WSF) which have served me well for 70 plus boat trips but,the Suverans are in a different league altogether which, to be fair, they should be at twice the price.If they turn out to be as good as the 'Avet' reels, I'll be very pleased.

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