Thursday, 6 September 2012

6/9/12 Eastborough Plaice

Apart from an early season bash which produced some tiny plaice, this is a new one on me and something I've wanted to have a proper crack at for some time.
The word was out that plaice were showing in good numbers at Eastborough and by the time Andy and me arrrived at around mid day there were quite a few boats in attendance on the big bank.
Drifting with rag baited bead and spoon rigs , I had my biggest plaice ever on the first drop down- a nice fish of around 2lb.Unfortunately, it had swallowed the hook and during the process of trying to retrieve said hook , I managed to slice the top of my thumb off with the bait knife- what a pillock!!!
Trying to stop the bleeding with sticking plasters(note to self- get a decent first aid kit sorted) was particularly difficult and the boat soon looked like a war zone but, eventually with some paper towels that came with a morning cup of service station coffee, and some insulating tape that, thankfully my crew happened to have in his bag ( well done Drew), the deluge was stemmed and I was able to fish on albeit in a slightly awkward fashion.
The plaice continued to come to the boat with some more good'n amongst them and we eventually collated a catch of about 20 by which time we had the mark to ourselves!
With blood still oozing out of my makeshift dressing, i had to call it a day an hour or so early and we headed the ten miles back having only been fishing for about three and a half hours.Never mind. it was good sport and the end result made for some superb eating.


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