Tuesday, 7 August 2012

7/8/12 The Lure Of The River.

I've decided to do a bit more lure fishing for bass,both from the boat, river and beach.
Dave's sold me a cracking 8ft 40g spinning 'wand', from his extensive collection of carbon, that is ideal for the purpose, and also i've expanded my rather meagre collection of suitable plastic things to throw with it.
Andy and me had a brief and unsuccessful attempt at the back of my house last week, and i'd also had a blank river session at the bottom of the ebb but today, I headed up the west bank of the river intent on trying out my new 'toys'.Top of the tide, and the first of the ebb was the fishing window.
I hooked one small bass on a 'one up' shad and subsequently this little chap took a shine to my 'feed shallow' at the 'prison bend' . Considering the diminutive size of this spikey fellah, the take was explosive. A couple more follows including a hit on the 'home straight' concluded an entertaining session, and a nice way to christen the new kit.
Only tiddlers really but huge fun, and completely uncomplicated fishing.


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