Sunday, 3 June 2012

1/6/12 Taking It Easy

Sometimes its just a pleasure to quickly nip out in the boat, drop the anchor on a convenient mark, and spend a couple of hours not really trying or thinking too much about the fishing and just enjoy what turns up.

Unfortunately, i'd managed to damage Scooby's cuddy quite badly when i took her out of the river for the Lomond trip by accidentally colliding with 'Cap'n Cod' at the marina. Thankfully Martin's boat was unmarked, and he was extremely 'civilised' about the whole event and grateful that I'd even taken the trouble to tell him what had happened. Apparently, others would do less.......

An ex employee of Orkney Boats-Andrew had been carrying out some rather nifty repair work to the boat on my drive yesterday whilst I looked on and learned, and this morning after work, with Steve's help, I slid her back in the water managing to carefully avoid hitting any other vessels on returning to the marina,I'm very happy to add.

Having got myself 'sorted' I ventured out of the harbour in near perfect conditions and settled on the 'ditch' for an afternoon of relaxation and therapy.It was a bite a chuck from the 'off' with nothing particularly spectacular showing up but that's not the point. It was fun. Bream , pout, mackerel , wrasse and even a scad put in an appearance but ,only a few hundred yards south of me the big news on the wireless was of a blue shark circling 'Jennifer's Pride'-apparently a real rarity in these waters.

The skipper did apparently try to tempt the beast but it was having none of it. It does go to show however, that you really never know what's going to turn up out there!