Thursday, 31 May 2012

16-23/5/12 Scooby Goes To Loch Lomond

Dave and me spent six days fishing amongst some stunning scenery and on hallowed piking water experiencing the full range of weather conditions that spring time Scotland can throw at the angler.Dragging the boat five hundred miles wasn't the 'epic' I thought it might be and indeed, cruising the motorways at a steady 'sixty' with the big trucks was actually quite relaxed driving.
The campsite at Milarrochy was superb, and our pitch was a stone's throw from an excellent slipway complete with a convenient pontoon. The boat had to be recovered every day but this proved to be a very easy task and 'working' the Loch was pure boating pleasure.The first two days gave us some pretty cold ,wet weather conditions which improved to hot sunny days as the week progressed.
We divided our fishing time between trolling lures and fishing static sea dead baits in some very famous areas such as Endrick,Balmaha and Portnellan farm-the location of the capture of a one time British record pike and scene of Fred Buller's great lost pike as recounted in his iconic book.
Naturally the going was rock hard which, as first time visitors, was to be expected but we did find a few pike on dead baits the best of which was this beautifully marked double taken from a small and shallow bay near  Lomond's golf course at Rossdhu.The pike fought with a tenacity I've rarely experienced before with the specie, and gave us an aerial display as well as diving beneath the boat for a few nerve racking moments before finally being subdued.
It's just a pity that we didn't come into contact with a few more but. i'm sure armed with the little bit of knowledge that we now have, we'd do better next time.
By way of a consolation. and highlight of the trip, was the sighting of an Osprey flying over Portnellan on three seperate occasions.Each time, carrying a decent sized fish in it's talons.Obviously a more accomplished fisher that either of us!


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