Tuesday, 13 March 2012

12/3/12 Dave and Dave

Joined Dave and Dave on the Lock Estate for a bit of a social today in between night shifts. Beautiful sunny day after the fog had lifted, just right for dozing on the bank and chewing the cud .
Dave N landed a low double just as I arrived and the only other action , apart from eels nipping at the baits, was a similar sized pike to Dave W later in the day.
Jon Cook came and joined us for a banter in the afternoon having blanked at the fork, though he'd fared better the previous day, and plans were hatched for a spring pit tench campaign-something I've been meaning to do for a while.
I've only 'piked' the 'Lock'  once before but both Daves have been regulars here in the past taking good numbers of fish on wobbled dead bait methods. Being non-tidal it's a comfortable place to fish and has big pike heritage too so perhaps it would provide an alternative venue for next season.


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  1. I'm going to give up trying to ring you to chat about fishing so I'll comment here instead!

    Congratulations it looks like you had a much better end to the season than me and Dave seems to have let you catch all the fish for a change except that bl**dy great Eel that looks larger than the Conger I caught! They all look to be in top condition especially since they should have spawned by now. A very fine end to the season, top dangling.

    My last river session was today below Houghton bridge again, one rod for Pike with Lamprey got a strange run on the first cast which didn't develop and the Lamprey came back with half it's face chewed off! Can only think it was an Eel but Lamprey is a tough bait and I would expect an Eel to be able to do that, seeing Dave's one though might make me rethink that. No other bites 9am-5.45pm. Nor did the Bream rod and cruelly just as I was thinking about moving swim at 3pm I had a large (upper double) Carp roll at my feet which made me stay in the swim.

    Thought I saw my first Arun Otter which came bounding down the path towards me until about 20ft away when it suddenly skirted through the undergrowth behind me before reappearing 30ft the other side of me where I thought it slipped into the water but I didn't actually see it go in. I've checked online now and instead of the young Otter I thought it was I'm convinced it was a very large Stoat (much bigger than Stoats I've seen before), still good to see along with some very mad March Hares.