Friday, 22 April 2011

21/4/11 Undulation.....The Edge, Kingmere Spur Wreck.

Back out again today in the unseasonably fine weather and headed Immediately for the Edge where we soon picked up a few small hounds and bream and Andy added a couple of dogs, which I cleverly avoided, to the tally.
In general a few more fish came to the boat than yesterday but,highlight was me finally getting a double figure Undulate which I've managed to find for my crew on recent trips but have been unlucky enough not to connect with myself.Got it on the light rod with a size 4 bream hook but it gave no real trouble although it wasn't the prettiest Undulate that's been aboard.Andy added a dab and garfish for variety but meanwhile over on black ledge, Rusty was doing a little better with the bream.
The tide still gave us a bit of trouble as It increased in strength, although a few bream were still showing up,but we decided to relocate to the Kingmere Spur and drift with gills.Nothing really happened until we closed in on the wreck when we both seized a pollack each, and I managed to add a codling and mackerel both of which were previously spotted on the sounder.
No calamities today although I did manage to 'litter' the 'spur' with a home made dan buoy that simply didn't work and sunk never to be seen again-maybe it'll turn up-back to the drawing board on this one.

1100-1730  HW 1429 -6.0

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