Wednesday, 20 April 2011

20/4/11 BIG tide. Edge,Kingmere

HW- 1344 6.1m  fishing time   1130-1700

Took Rusty out with me today for his first outing on my boat and learnt a little about big tides.Forgive the pun.
WE started the day drifting on Nordens down at the spur wreck where I nicked a nice 3lb pollack which I wished I'd taken a pic of as It's colours were outstanding.Nothing much more happened so we relocated at the edge where I had sport with bream and rusty picked up small hounds and dogs.The big tide proved to be too much of a handful and we found it difficult to keep our baits down on the bottom and get any sort of bites.
After a while we decided to have another go at drifting and selected the mid reef near some pots- an area showing some big pinnacles, but apart from another pollack to my rod on a white sidewinder little else showed.
We finished up back at the Edge which produced another couple of bream to my rod including a 2 pounder taken for tea(see before and after pics), and a fine double figure Undulate to my crew.
A little less fish, and a bit more difficult than recent trips but still-good fishing.

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