Saturday, 4 February 2017

22/1/17 On The Blondes

Intermingled with this months 'pikefest' was a sea trip-only the second time I've used the boat all month.
Brian joined me and, with a small tide, we decided to try to locate some cod in the deep gully marks where we fish for tope in the spring and summer.
In short, that didn't work and the only interest in our baits was from dogfish so an alternative plan was hatched.
At slack tide we headed to a  bank that also has a small wreck in the vicinity. Initially we dropped some lures over the wreck but all that produced was a succession of pouting so as the tide settled in to the flood, we anchored the bank and sent down big squid baits in the hope of catching some blonde ray.
At first the going was slow but once the tide picked up, so did the bites and a succession of upper double figure blondes hit our baits providing some excellent sport in the fast flow.
The sea was calm enough for us to safely stay out until sunset and, what a sunset it was.
As usual, back at the marina, we were the last ones to head for home.

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