Saturday, 7 June 2014

15-17/5/14 Ilfracombe Sharking

A three day trip down to Ilfracombe with 'Jupiter' in tow  in search of an early season porbeagle shark. I couldn't have wished for better weather conditions  and certainly learned a great deal about the marks I'm fishing, and getting to them.
Unfortunately, although fishing effectively  I failed to find the target specie although was blessed with some nice Pollack on feathers some of which were pressed into service as bait.
Such is the nature of shark fishing and at this time of year the porbeagles are fewer in number, but very often of a greater size, so I didn't go home disappointed.
Graeme and Wayne were in the locale at the same time and they proved this to be the case with Graeme catching a very impressive 'porgie' which caused quite a stir in the national headlines.Well done that man..........I'll be back soon.

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