Wednesday, 21 August 2013

11/8/13 Typical August

We do seem to struggle with the local inshore boat fishing in August and I fail to understand why. The charters are still drifting mark 13 for plaice, as well as moving slightly inshore to pick up undulates but generally, the concensus of opinion is that the fishing is a bit slow.
Neil admitted to me that he gets a bit bored with plaice but that is what the punters want, so that's what they get.
Some of my marina mates even lift their boats out for maintenance and, with generally good weather, it does make various jobs much easier.
Dave joined me for this one and it was yet again,a trip targeting bass.
We started with lures on mark 9 picking up a few pollack, ballan and cuckoo wrasse on our fiiiish minnows before trying static dead mackerel and cuttle on mark 5.
I did pick up a bass here of about 3lb but it was slow, and it was a similar state of affairs moving over to mark 6 which has been so kind to us in the past.
Bream and cat sharks did show but, once again, it was a pretty lack lustre performance and listening to the radio, the paying customers weren't having much luck either unless you were out far on a wreck somewhere.

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