Sunday, 8 July 2012

6/7/12 A Quickie.

Brimming with enthusiasm from yesterday's bassing, I nipped back to the same mark today to have another crack ,but with little success.The timing of the tide meant that I wouldn't be able to be out at the 'hot' time and I think this made a huge difference.

Alan spent most of the morning from the early hours out there, and scored a couple of small spikies but others in the area fared less well.I did try a move over to #5 and made the mistake of trying to anchor too close to a buoy marking a nice piece of jagged rock-snagging it in the process.Lesson learned.

It wasn't entirely unproductive-- nice thornback turned up but, that was all, and I ended this quick trip by investigating mark# jigging heavily weighted soft plastics  for half an hour - a new method for me..

The big 6.1 m tide made entry back into the river somewhat interesting especially as I'd chosen to return at half ebb. The full strength of the flow, no doubt assisted by some floodwater from upstream, combined with the cross flow of the ebbing tide, and a sudden increase of wind from the south made the entrance very messy indeed.Of course the boat handled it otherwise I wouldn't be sat her typing this, but it did feel at times as if I was trying to tame a bucking horse-another lesson learned.


  1. even your bad sessions are better than mine lol, I blanked out on the boat a couple of days ago :( you need to clear your inbox on wsf mate, it wont let me message you until its clear, Rob.......

  2. Cheers Rob will do. Next time I see you ill sort out some numbers for you.