Saturday, 14 April 2012

7/4/12 Too Cold For Tench.

Had a day with Dave at Chichester pits (boating lake) in search of an early tench but, I think it's still a little too cold, and we both blanked. However, it was entertaining to chat with a carp angler at the pit who was in the middle of a four day session, and get an insight into the psyche of that strange breed.
The session also reminded me how relaxed and hassle free coarse fishing can be, and when the weather perks up a bit, we're planning a few return trips until the mid summer when the fishing apparently slows down.
Couldn't really get any slower than it was today!


  1. had a couple at daylands farm over the last week plus some great rudd and even a silver eel

  2. Not heard of 'Daylands' mate-is it a local venue? TBH I think we missed out because a few tench were caught by the carper who was on the same pit.
    Changing the subject, being a 'pin enthusiast, I'm sure you must have seen Chris Lythe's site?