Thursday, 3 March 2011

3/3/11 River Adur

A recent spell of dry weather has allowed the rivers to recover and they will hopefully stay in shape for the last few days of the season and allow me to improve upon my pike tally for the year.The Adur was still showing a bit of colour despite the very cold temperatures of the past few nights and indeed the Northerly blowing today contributed to a 'healthy' chill factor despite the sunny clear weather.
I fished from Penlands Pentstock down for about three hundred yards , the majority of the time with one rod on sardine and the other on roach, though finished the session(10 til 5)with both rods on roach.
Bill joined me for this one and usually, he brings me luck having been present on the occasion of my first big double back in 2005, and also assisting me with my current  P.B.Today however, only one small pike of about 5lb showed, and that on a roach.Here's hoping for a few more before the end.

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