Thursday, 17 February 2011

17/2/11 Burton Mill

I seem to be pretty good at catching tiddler pike at the moment.The rivers,which I'm desperate to get on, are flooded once again (yawn), so it was off to Burton Mill today,for my annual visit, in a punt, with Jon Cook.
This unspoilt pond has a long heritage of good pike fishing but has always been a challenging proposition despite it being the site of my first ever double figure pike capture, almost exactly nine years ago.Where did that go?
Only take of the day was this little fellah on a dead roach which was a little disappointing especially as It was Jon's first trip to the water.At the moment there is  some seriously noisy construction work being carried out on the culvert outlet, causing quite a bit of commotion.A project that is due to last for about 14 weeks. The disturbance seems to have put the pike off their food! That's my excuse and Im sticking with it!
Also had some potentially tragic news today- Dave's thinking about selling his boat. Don't do it mate.

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  1. Hello Jeff I've come over here to join you, pretty looking Pike especially the flanks compared to the Sussex river Pike.