Monday, 6 December 2010

6/12/10 Messing About In The Boat

At the moment, patience seems to be the name of the game with my fishing. Being philosophical about it helps too.
The forecast looked good for today. Light winds from the North, and a first proper chance at some sea fishing from the boat. Plan was to head for a mark near to Black Ledge but as soon as we left the harbour the wind picked up and were forced to turn back, and resign ourselves (Andy and Me) to spending a bit of time fishing in the lee of the land about half a mile off the back of my house.We were still battered by the bitingly cold Northerly, but at least the sea state was calm.
A few bites and a proper 'run' for Andy but unfortunately nothing connected,  and another blank ensued.The only other boat out there was 'Spirit' probably fishing the Kingmere.
However, basking in the winter sun was very enjoyable, and I learnt a bit more about, and built up my confidence in handling, the boat, which performed faultlessly.A couple more trips out like this during the winter months and I should have Ironed out all the glitches, and sorted out all the switches, before the real fishing begins next spring. .....Wouldn't mind a cod in the meantime though.
One final thought- I have to laugh at myself sometimes. I've probably spent as much time today, prepping the boat, and cleaning it, and all the gear  up afterwards, as we spent with baits in the water.
It'll all be worth it in the long run.

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