Wednesday, 18 August 2010

18/8/10 A fish hard won.

Bit of a last minute trip this as I'd intended to do a recce boat trip on the Adur as the tide times were favourable but.........I'd been called in to work to do an extra shift last night and that scuppered plans of an early enough start.The Adur will have to wait for the time being.

Instead,as the boat was ready anyway, I quickly made the decision to launch on the Arun before the tide dropped off too much, and chose to head up to 'carp straight' and give it some serious time.The weather on the way up was fine and clear and there were plenty of fish showing in the road bridge area,but i chose to ignore these and press on upstream.Perhaps a costly mistake, but this was a trip for experimenting,and not necessarily selecting the easy option.

The straight produced a couple of missed bites,and so did 'barnard's bend' but the wind was starting to hamper my fishing and I finally sought out calm water alongside the lower mud flats.This is an area i could have easily bank fished,and it did feel slightly odd being moored ten ft out in the river and trotting along such a familiar stretch of bankside. Eventually, I scored here,with a stubborn 3-00,and experienced a great sense of relief NOT to have blanked.Hard won fish that one.

Had a cursory look at a couple of other marks,and some half hearted attempts at fishing them, but the wind got the better of me and I gave in around mid afternoon a little frustrated.

I'm actually beginning to think that surface wind disturbance puts the mullet down in the water.It certainly makes them very difficult to locate.

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