Monday, 6 May 2013

6/5/13 The Pig Farm

 New P.B at 5lb 8oz on S.P lure.

  • Another run out with Dave and brimming with confidence from the last bass trip I headed straight for the same mark and disappointingly there wasn't a bass to be found, in fact there was very little at all showing on the sounder in the vicinity.Despite persevering for some considerable time with the drifts, i felt i needed to get some fish for Dave so taking another gamble, we anchored up just off the mark and sent baits solitary dogfish!!!
  • Brian meanwhile, had been picking up a few bream on the Kingmere amongst probably every other boat from the port that was out on the bank holiday.I decided on a move to join in, just to pick up a fish or two but , couldn't resist a final scan back on the reef before we left.
  • Bits and pieces of 'green 'were showing and before long a 2lb ballan had taken a shine to my Fiiish Black Minnow. Two more quickly followed on the same lure including the above stunner at 5-08 which is a p.b for me .
  • Hindsight has taught me that i should have remained on the mark and continued with my search but instead we motored over to the rest of the fleet and at anchor, picked up a bream for Dave to take home for tea,dogs,and a couple of spotted rays to save the day.
  • I've now decided that i rather enjoy the vertical soft plastic fishing and that the ballans are a worthy fish to target and there are some fine specimens on our local reefs.Interesting fish these.They are hermaphrodites born as females, changing sex after about seven years and very long lived indeed. Mine could well have been in his early twenties.


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