Friday, 31 May 2013

21/5/13 The Hunt For Stingray

I don't do a great deal of beach fishing nowadays, which is a shame, as I actually really enjoy being out on the shingle but, I suppose running a sea angling boat kinda 'spoils ya' and anyway, beach fishing can be quite hard going. I'll still have a crack at surf bassing, and when the hounds arrive locally, i'll also have a go at them too, especially as It's been a long standing 'mission' of mine to get my mate Dave a decent beach hound. One other specie that fascinates me,and continues to elude me despite having a deep yearning to tangle with, is the sting ray.
Our local beaches do have some heritage with 'stingers' so I joined seasoned beach buddies Andy and Simon this evening for a session in flat calm conditions and with a healthy wrap of ragworm-classic stinger food.
Naturally ..........................we didn't hit the target-perhaps like so many other species this year, they are a little late in appearing and they are quite a rarity in any case but it was enjoyable just 'being out there' and, although my rod tips didn't move all evening, Andy and Si scratched out a few species-dogs, pout and a flattie on peeler crab.
It might take a few years to finally trap a sting ray but I'll get there in the end.

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