Friday, 11 October 2013

28/9/13 The Pike Season Begins.

Dave and me visited our favourite river stretch today, albeit a day or two early, for the beginning of the traditional winter pike season.
The game plan was for Dave to catch live bait on the feeder, and this worked a treat with the net soon being full of prime roach of a reasonable bait size-nice to see. Unfortunately, and rather surprisingly for the time of year there weren't that many active pike or at least, we failed to find them so the vast majority of those roach were returned.
Early in the session a 'jack' took a shine to our bait net and I think the same fish chased my sardine dead bait on the retrieve, and subsequently followed a curly tail that I put in front of it but, hooking up didn't happen.
The day ended with us taking a pike each on the live roach so at least we didn't blank but it was slow going.
I'm in the mood for a change for this year's pike fishing so will be joining another club which has a completely different stretch,  non-tidal , to explore.
As a footnote to this entry my work colleague Paul Holden, who is a very keen and successful match angler on the river, reported that his wife Gail,had recently taken a spectacular 96lb catch of  bream from this stretch, with specimens to over 6lb . A superb achievement indeed, and a good indication of the quality of bait fish present.

 Gail's bream haul.


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