Saturday, 26 October 2013

26/10/13 Superpike.

I took my piking buddy Dave with me today for a trip to the 'new' river venue and, on his first cast,he managed to winkle out this big old gal of 23lb 6oz on a rather manky mackerel dead bait. A fantastic start and a very encouraging indication of the potential of this section of river-what a fish.
Rather unusually, we decided to stay put in one swim for the duration of the short five hour session and this was the only take that we experienced.
She was  a rather old and slightly battle scarred one eyed specimen but certainly full in the body and gave a powerful account of herself probably due to the relatively high water temperatures for the time of year .Fortunately, she recovered quickly and went back strongly which is always a pleasant sight .Let's hope we get a few more of these this season-well done Dave.

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