Friday, 11 October 2013

24/9/13 Autumn Breaming

During the blue shark sortie to Falmouth the 100hour oil change warning light on Jupiter illuminated and , once again, it was time for another scheduled service. It hasn't taken long. Just nine months and my big Suzuki motor once again needs it's internal organs checked out-a scenario that I predicted would not occur until at least November. After the Cornish trip, I'd left her on the hard standing at the marina hoping that Mechanic Adrian would be able to fit her in whilst we were away on our annual hols to France but, it didn't pan out. Hearing that a few bream had been about locally, I decided to drop her in for a quick trip and see if I could make up for the lack of the specie during the spring period. A simple trip really, just anchoring directly on East Ditch and staying there for the duration. I did get a dozen or so bream to 2lb ,and my mackerel feather string, permanently fishing scored four mackerel so no complaints there. The charters continue to do well with the plaice on our local marks which is something I intend to try myself soon and, the first of the cod are showing occasionally -an indication of the seasonal change.

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