Wednesday, 23 October 2013

22/10/13 Surf Skool.

Back out in the surf for a daytime trip today.I'd left it a bit late starting and the tide was already well into the flood when I arrived and, it really was blowing a hoolie. The Southerly was strong enough to make it difficult to stand still and casting directly into the wind wasn't exactly easy.
Luckily, I'd switched to a fixed spool reel loaded with braid for this one and It certainly made getting the bait out achievable.
I only had time for four casts and it was the first one that produced the only bite of the session-a sharp rap on the rod tip , enhanced no doubt by the stretch free braid, produced this little schoolie bass to  save a blank.
I would have ventured out again this evening but the wind has died, and the sea has almost flattened off so I've decided against it. Judging by the weather forecast, I don't think it'll be long before those strong winds return.
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