Tuesday, 22 October 2013

20/10/13 Surf's Up!

Surf's Up indeed. With massive southerly winds there is absolutely no chance of getting out in the boat but, It's that time again for some surf bassing.
Low tide was about 6 p.m and that's when I headed out, for the first time this year,from the back of my house in search of bass. I wanted to check out the sea bed in the intertidal zone before darkness fell so that I would be able to negotiate a safe passage landwards. The big tide meant that i'd be moving inshore quite quickly and I wanted to make sure I had a level playing field on which to retreat so selected a clean run of sand all the way to the shingle bank.
Wading out to knee depth I had a full moon to keep me company, and provide some decent light and, with the lack of weed present, felt I was in with a chance.Armed with whole squid on a 4/0-6/0 pennel, the strong wind directly in my face did give some 'bird's nest'  trouble when casting-or maybe i'm just out of practise.
The tide had flooded more than half way when the bite finally came. A sudden drop back that saw me instantly winding furiously to connect , and connect I did. A 58cm fish(about five pounds) in prime condition despite a curious shape.If it wasn't the 'wrong' time of year I'd have said she'd just spawned but, its probably just a deformity.
I had one more cast before 'calling it' but the tide was fast reaching the shingle and I've never really done that well at this time so, job done, I called time.
A wild night to be out!
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  1. Well done mate ,That's what I should be doing. Pinchers.