Friday, 11 October 2013

10/10/13 Pastures New


I've decided that's its high time I fished a different stretch of my favourite river for pike this season and have selected about six miles to target upstream of the tidal zone.
Naturally, the river  here is completely different beast to what I'm usually accustomed to . It will be strange having a consistent uni-directional flow , and to not have to consider a six foot change in depth whilst fishing .
Armed with a completely useless club 'map', and a very useful large scale O/S sheet, I set off up the river today lightly adorned with just a spinning outfit with the intention of exploring about half the water that is available to me.
In places the river is so tiny that it would be entirely possible to jump to the opposite bank but,there are also some interesting looking deep glides along with pools and even a rather attractive weir pool that looks likely to contain my favourite predator .
Casting occasionally I did track down a couple of small pike (one exceedingly small) and neither fish was hooked on the first follow.The larger fish actually took the shad 'jigged' under rod tip right in the margin-a tactic I've used before with this very versatile style of lure.
I covered approximately three miles of  the secluded and rather beautiful river as it twisted and turned though the local countryside, though most was, due to the dense vegetation, quite difficult to access. This situation should improve as the winter progresses.
Deer,kingfisher, heron and what appeared to be yellowhammer and snipe(I'm no bird watcher) kept me company along the way- a very pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

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