Monday, 21 January 2013

17/1/13 One More Go............

for a cod and a trip out to 'Martin's mark' curiously enough, a set of numbers given to me by pontoon neighbour Martin. a.k.a 'Adventurous' on WSF.
Despite the marks' heritage, once again, i failed to see a cod take my huge cuttle and squid offerings and, as usual, i was plagued by dogs, whiting and pouting some of which actually got themselves hooked on the 6/0 pennel and came to the boat.
I had considered a run out west in search of blondes but was advised by 'those in the know' that the 5.5m tide may be just a little too much to handle on this mark,so i will save that for another day.
I do have one more untried 'ace' up my sleeve. A mark some considerable distance to the east where they do catch cod in better numbers than in our locale.Logged for the future.
Rusty was also about today on the tail and suffered similar results-the general ground fishing becoming quite a challenge at this time of year.
There have been a very small number of bass taken on  inshore marks to lures-possibly too few for me to show an interest and , the airwaves gave away similarly lacklustre efforts by the small number of charters out today trying a bit of drifting on the reefs.The water is still quite warm but visibility could be better.
Personally, i'd still rather try for something that's only available in the winter months, especially as chances to get out are so limited by the weather.

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