Saturday, 21 July 2012

20/7/12 Poor Fishing

Usually I can catch something when out fishing in my boat.In fact,I've only ever actually blanked on one occasion these past eighteen months and I believe that was the first 'try out' trip that me and Andy did way back when. However, there are days when very little shows up especially when you're targetting certain fish....i.e reef bass.

With the recent break in the weather I had to get out and figured that with it being a week day,I'd have mark #6 to myself and decided to head back to my hot spot of a couple of trips back.

It didn't take too long to secure some fresh mackerel and i was soon anchored in the spot...but all that showed up for me w

as doggies.......I didn't even get a ray.

Alan had decided to join me and he did indeed bag one bass of about 5lb but in general, everybody was having a slow day including the three main charters Spirit, Lynander and Jennifer's Pride who's crews did pick up the odd spikey,but the general mood on the 'wireless' was one of disappointment.

C'est La Vie.

I'll be out again tomorrow to try again.

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