Monday, 20 January 2014

December 2013- Firing Blanks

This 'blank' is slightly  unusual in that I think it is the first time I've ever actually caught nothing at all whilst inshore boat fishing. Brian took me out on his cracking Orkney Fastliner 'Marruig' and we spent a very pleasant day sitting behind rods armed with huge baits hoping for a cod on a close in mark. I did manage to hook, and subsequently lose something large which , judging by the 'head banging' fight was probably a big cod or bass, and Brian successfully boated a conger but that was that......we were specimen hunting after all.

A completely biteless pike session with Dave on 'our favourite' stretch of river in late December is just how things go in fishing sometimes, particularly if you choose to target a 'difficult' quarry.

As the end of the year approached not only was it time to go catch a fish or two (just to recharge the batteries) but also to finish what has been for me my most successful fishing year yet. With a decent window in the weather, Dave and me set off in the boat once again in search of those elusive cod.......and failed. We did however, have a mixed catch of thornback and undulate rays, conger, whiting, dogs (of course) and the biggest, fattest pouting I've ever hooked into- a fish approaching a couple of pounds so, yet again, an enjoyable day afloat.

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