Friday, 22 January 2016

6/1/16 Brian's Record Cod

This winter has been all about snatching brief opportunities in the weather to get afloat and today was no different.
Brian joined for another trip out to the half way mark and almost from the 'off' , we were into some very good sport with mid range congers. Brian's big cuttle baits conclusively out fished my lesser morsels although we also both employed live bait rigs and the  whiting/pouting bait captures also resulted in some good eels.
By the end of the session we'd amassed a bag of fourteen 'snakes'  , a small codling,and a thornback but highlight of the day came in the shape of a new boat record cod of 19lb 10oz (weighed back at the pontoon so it was likely a 'twenty' at capture) for my crew mate-a fish that is also a new P.B. Nice.

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