Wednesday, 7 November 2012

2/11/12 The Farm Pond

With the rivers out of sorts and completely unsuitable for pike fishing, and the winds too strong to even think about a boat trip it was off ,once again, to my regular winter haunt, the farm pond, in search of roach. When i arrived three black labradors were going through the motions of 'search and retrieve' IN the pond itself.
Once they'd gone and fishing could commence it was clear that, despite the compact dimensions of this piece of water, the roach were willing to oblige and feed well.They also appear to have grown since last year as the average size was very good-perhaps 8oz.
Fishing the 8m pole and with just a pint of maggots, i put together a nice little bag of about fifteen fish, the bites dropping off with the temperature during the afternoon.
I like this sort of fishing.It's skillful,delicate and tremendous fun.

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