Monday, 9 May 2011

9/5/11 First Mullet Session...........I lost!

I hate loosing fish especially if the line breaks.....but that is exactly what happened today on my first attempt of the year to get a mullet.

'The Wall was the chosen venue and I arrived at about 3hrs before high on a 5.1 tide. A little bigger than i'd prefer for this venue but fish able for a couple of hours nonetheless.

As i arrived the clear demarcation between the flooding sea water, and the brown river water,(we've had rain recently) could clearly be seen moving slowly upstream.Fishing a rod length out the take was unmissable and for a moment I'd thought the fish had gone, but it had merely run towards me momentarily causing slack line. It surfaced just on the main flow crease, looking like a fair fish.....and then the line went slack....and it was gone.

I was totally gutted, even more so when I found out that the line had parted.I was certain that I hadn't turned on the pressure too much, but i was using a different line to my normal choice- Daiwa Sensor. I refuse to believe that the line is faulty but I did make some rather unkind comments about Daiwa gear in the blog in a previous entry, so perhaps the ' Daiwa'  god is getting his own


Moved up to Tortington shortly afterwards but although seeing fish, we didn't get a take.

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