Saturday, 21 May 2011

20/5/11 West Ditch, Smoothound Bank.

0600-1230  HW 1415 5.8
First mark fished today was just off to the east side of the West Ditch reef mark.WE certainly caught plenty here including bream, dogs pout and very pretty looking cuckoo wrasse, but everything was a bit on the small size, so a decision was made to move a 100yds or so and anchor up on the reef proper.
At first the fishing was slow, but I suggested  setting up a ground bait sack-something I've been meaning to do for a while.We loaded the sack with chopped mackerel, and the messy bits of a filleted cuttlefish and using cuttle as bait on the hooks-the results were quite amazing.
Immediately things improved and a long run of really good bream came up with both Andy and myself getting p.b's mine a 3-12, Drew's a stunning 4-07.By 1100 a planned move was in order some 2NMs west to Smoothound Bank and the furthest point from L.A harbour that I've taken the boat yet.
When we arrived and set the bruce anchor the wind was already picking up to 13-14mph....half an hour later it had reached 18mph and I called it.In the meantime however, Andy pulled up a couple of upper single figure  hounds on crab, whilst I managed a baby hound and a doggie on squid.A revisit here is essential.
The 40 minute journey back with a following sea was quite exiting to say the least, but with quite a bit of concentration required to keep the boat on track see below-the pic doesn't do justice to the size of the waves, It all went well and we arrived safely back in port at 1230 with a nice bag of bream to take home and lots learned.

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