Wednesday, 27 July 2016

22/7/16 Bonito

Ashort inshore bass lure session (Charlie's) with Alex joining me on 'Jupiter' and what must surely be the most unusual fish to ever grace it's decks- An Atlantic Bonito.
Quite what it was doing up here off Littlehampton is anyone's guess but, I've been informed that water temperatures are unseasonably high and the sea is teeming with bait fish at the moment.
As well as the 'nito' we tempted twenty odd bass to about three pounds, but they were tricky to snag on our 'huge' 120mm Fiish minnows . It was obvious that they were pre occupied and something smaller in the lure department would have been far more appropriate- a fly fishing outfit would have been very useful on this occasion especially as so much feeding activity took place on the surface.

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